The 1890 Town Council

In 1890 Gananoque was incorporated as a town, having a mayor, reeve and deputy-reeve.  There were three wards, each represented by three aldermen, two school trustees.
Nominations were held the last Monday in December 1889. Election day was the first Monday in January 1890.

The following were elected:

  • Mayor William Byers
  • Reeve David Darling
  • Deputy-Reeve Robert Taylor (also found listed as Deputy Mayor)
  • Aldermen:
    – W.B Carrol
    – D.J. Reid
    – George Toner
    – John Kee
    – W.N. Rogers
    – E. J. Seale
    – John B. McMurchy
    – David J. Lloyd
    – Henry J.J. Storey
  • School Trustees:
    – Randall
    – W.F. Latimer
    – J.C. Ross
    – George Gillies
    – Phillip Heaslip
    – J. Seale

Source: “Yesterday’s News, Today’s History” By Ina G. Scott

The photo that accompanies this post is from Thousand Island History Musuem Collection via Collection Resurrection Blog who said of the picture, “The Museum’s Collections contain many examples of origins and firsts. This picture is of Gananoque’s first town council in 1890 (prior to that it had been considered a village even though the population was probably large enough for it to be considered a town.) The little tag that was found with the picture lists the names as: “Back row, left to right: D.J. Reed, George Toner, J.B. McMurchy, D.J. Lloyd, E.J. Seale, John Kee, W.B. Carroll. Front Row: W.N. Rogers, Robert Taylor (Deputy Mayor), William Byers (Mayor), David Darling (Reeve), J.J. Storey.” (After working with these pictures some of the faces are becomming very familiar – mainly from the mustaches…the wonderful thing about the nineteenth century are the many styles of facial hair that can often be of great assistance when identifying people).


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