125 Charles Street

This home was built by George R Webb who earned his living first as a car salesman and then as an insurance salesman. He was also Mayor of Gananoque 1933 – 1935.

George has a starring role in one of the more interesting gossip producing stories of Gananoque. There is a lot that we still don’t know about his relationship with Dora Bulloch who was born and raised in the house across the street from this one at 199 Pine Street.

Dora and George were quietly married September 14, 1914. Unfortunately Dora’s parents did not feel that George was a suitable husband for their daughter. Dora and George never lived together and the marriage was eventually ended by the courts. It is likely that the money used to build this house was from Dora’s father buying George off. Dora married a war hero and Daddy gifted her the house she grew up in across from George’s new house. Dora and George seem to have remained good friends and Dora was know to pop across the street to visit.

George married Violet Duclos Britton September 29, 1926. They lived in this house.


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