Look up and Find

Weather-vanes – An indicator of wind direction. First used as early as the first century B.C. in ancient Greece. Their popularity peaked in the Victorian Era with its love of things that were useful and ornate. Weather-vanes began popping up on everything from stables to gazebos. Demand was so great that the first weather-vane factories were established, churning out intricate designs.

To see some of Gananoque’s interesting weather-vanes as a walking tour,
start at the Visitor Center.
10 King St East. 

Walk west along King St and you will see a beaver weather-vane.
75 King St West

Turn north on Victoria St and you will see a fireman weather-vane.
290 King St West 

Walk east on First St. Turn left on River St look down the driveways until you spot a whale weather-vane on a garage.
130 River St

Backtrack to First St and continue east, you will see a horse weather-vane.
125 First St

Follow First St as it turns into Tanner St and you will be able to cross the dam and you will see a dog weather-vane.
10 King St East


More weather-vane locations.

  • The Clock Tower, 60 Pine St
  • St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, 175 Stone St
  • 80 Charles St



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