Where the river was.

The Gananoque River quite clearly fits the meandering* river type, and I often look for signs of where it may have been in the past. One of the better ones is of course the Punch Bowl.
I was interested to see the pond in the upper right corner of this 1795 map. (Found on p.35 of the heritage assesment document for Riverstone) Is it a small feeder stream or a meander?
*In a stream or river, meanders enlarge and migrate downstream because the stream continually erodes its cut banks. As the meander is enlarged, its neck gets narrower. Eventually, the stream may cut through the neck of the meander, either as a result of gradual erosion and channel migration, or abruptly during high water and flooding. Once the stream has cut through the neck of the meander, the openings get filled with sediment dropped by water that slows down as it enters from the main stream. The sediment deposits will separate the cut off meander from the river channel and turn it into an oxbow lake. As the years go by, the oxbow lake will eventually be completely filled in with sediment.

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